Maldon, Essex

A small town on the Blackwater Estuary, roughly an hour from London.

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  • Braddock Manor
    Up until recently maintained as a museum, the childhood home of the Braddock family has been pressed into service as classroom space for the University. Additionally, the increased demands have led to the main ballroom being converted into a cafeteria for University students on a meal plan. The old library has been bolstered with college textbooks.
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  • Xavier's University Dorms
    Built on the Braddock Estate not far from the Manor, these were constructed for the university's benefit to help house the student population.
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  • Dower House and Administration
    Previously the lodgings of the late Lady Braddock, the Dower House fell into disuse for a number of years, particularly after Braddock Manor passed to Brian himself. Since the arrival of the University, it has been renovated into an administrative building as well as faculty and staff housing on the second floor.
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  • Da Costa Medical Building
    Built with a generous grant from one of the University's benefactors, this clinic serves as a small teaching hospital as well. More severe injuries are stabilized, then transported to Muir Island. It also houses the University's research laboratories.
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  • Stuart Recreational Complex
    Renovated and named in memoriam of Alysande Stuart. Houses a modest swimming pool suitable for laps and diving, numerous exercise equipment, an indoor basketball court as well as a nearby soccer field.
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  • XUB - Xavier Student Union Building
    Located directly adjacent to the Rec Center is the Student Union building, housing a well-stocked bar and arcade, billiards and an open area with couches and coffee tables.
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  • The Gardens and Estate
    The Estate's meticulously kept gardens, including a hedgemaze that students have occasionally described as "sadistic" and a sizable rose garden. Benches in shaded spots are plentiful, and the gardens are popular to study in on pleasant days. The nearby stables are still maintained with a number of well-heeled equines.
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  • Downtown Maldon
    Though many students might prefer going to London, Maldon provides closer amenities for those without a car or unwilling to pay for a cab. Several pubs are available, though the Rose and Crown is notable for having been where Excalibur spent a good deal of their downtime. Also of note is the Plume Library, home to many rare books.
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  • The Point
    The site of the recently restored Braddock Lighthouse. Aircraft hangars and other X-Men facilities, including a Cerebra unit and the Danger Room have been constructed around the foundations of the lighthouse.
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