Muir Island

The most advanced and well-equipped hospital and research center for mutant medicine in the world and home to a detention facility for prisoners with special detainment needs.

Muir Island

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Muir is a tiny island in the North Sea, grey waves constantly crashing against the rocky shores. A small forest sits in the center of the island but the most prominent feature is the futuristic-looking installation sitting on one side of the island. Gleaming steel and glass make the Mutant Research Center stand out against the rocks. Big antennas reach into the sky that connect the facility to the outside world. A helipad and small marina sit next to the hospital and research complex while another, more squat building sits further inland, only connected tot he main facility by a single corridor. This is the detention facility specifically constructed to house dangerous mutants. It has no visible windows and only one story is above ground, the rest built into the bedrock of the island.
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