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She'd known Conduit's plan was doomed to failure sooner or later. She commanded trinkets and automatons. Crutches for the weak to lean on to grant them respite from the harshness of the world. An attempt to create a light that wouldn't fade and keep the darkness at bay. Metal shells to hide inside and stud with weapons. All pointless, all just betraying the fear in their hearts. Death would come to them regardless as it had when the Russian Fleet sank. She'd made a brief concord with the admiral, been forced to after letting herself be captured by... was it herself? In a way. Herself who'd walked a different path, herself who was still refusing the spark inside, herself who was donning a different mantle. More than curious.

She'd lost track of her. She'd let herself get distracted by the feast around her. And what a feast it had been. So many dead, so many of them carrying their own little sparks drowning in the waves. But in that time her other self escaped, slipped beyond even her reach somehow. Another world. She'd gleamed as much from the little girl and so she came to them in their moment of defeat, bereft of all their machines and machinations. She'd brought those people here, she'd be capable to do the reverse. And so they parleyed and she agreed to play along. And even she had to admit, what she they found was... interesting. A machine of dreams. Crutches again, but she could respect the desire to mimic what came to her naturally. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all. Nightmares made real. Predictably, it failed, but she'd planned for it. Set the stage just right so when the time came she'd have a place to run and hide. And wait.

And that is where she is now. Biding her time where no one would think to look. Blending in. In the chaos of Conduit's dreams collapsing it wasn't too hard and by the time they'd pieced together that someone had helped the little girl and her shark they wouldn't be able to discern her from the others...
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