[X-Imports] Enforcement Order

It didn't happen... but it WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME

[X-Imports] Enforcement Order

Postby Tereza Rozanov » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:29 pm

"So, here's the problem," the Pantoran woman says, laying her blaster pistol on the table, "The Board has given very strict instructions on what you may and may not carry as cargo. Spice? Not a problem. Weapons? Sure." She begins to adjust her fingerless gloves.

The man is obviously nervous. The fact that he's having a meeting with this woman and not his normal handler means bad things. "But I..."

The woman holds a finger up to her lips and shushes him, adjusting her short white hair. "The adult at the table is talking. We have several reliable reports that you tried to run slaves. We don't..." Her eyes go hard, "... deal in slaves. Ever."

He eyes the blaster pistol, tantalizingly within his reach. It wouldn't take much, he thinks. His hand twitches.

If she notices, she doesn't indicate it. "The Board has decided to terminate your employment. You'll forfeit all the pay for your last two runs or your ship. Your choice."

The man grows livid, "You can't!"

"I can, and I will," she says calmly still adjusting her gloves. The man lunges for the pistol, but she's faster, grabbing his hand with a crunching sound as he cries out in pain. "Stupid move. Now we'll take your ship and the money." Her foot lashes out under the table, kicking his chair over. He scrambles to his feet, cradling his hand. "Now get out," she says with a dismissive wave, "Before you try my good will any further." She reaches for the blaster and his eyes go wide as he scrambles from the Sleeping Krayt. She chuckles to herself, sending a message to one of the collection crews to pick up the ship and she reholsters the blaster on her right hip.

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