Ainsley Green

Ainsley Green

Postby Ainsley Green » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:02 pm

Might as well get this up while I wait for account approval I suppose. I added a line or two Atropha so you might give it a quick re-read, but it's all in personality section.

Name: Ainsley Kyler "Lee" Green
Codename: Dolittle
Age: 20
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Hometown: London, Lambeth
Birthday: June 26th
Power: Born mute, Ainsley can speak to animals and only animals via psychic manipulation. While he was always mute, he didn't develop 'superpowers' until he was 16. Because of the nature of his power, he has been capable of keeping it a secret from most people around him, but due to his city life most of his practice has come in the form of mischiefs of rats and kits of pigeons. He has a few cat friends he is fond of, and one dog who lets him cut through a garden for a convenient shortcut to train station.

It's not as easy as it sounds however. Due to animals having different thought patterns than humans, each animal has it's own 'mental language'. He has more control over his power due to age and being able to practice without getting caught than most of the other students, but his limited test subjects make it so he only really fluently knows the language of animals commonly found in cityscapes and the basics of a few zoo creatures friendly enough to have a chat.

Personality: Reserved and quiet (for obvious reasons), he is skittish around new people but warms up very quickly to anyone who is kind (or good at faking it). Ainsley has used sign language and written communication to express himself nearly his whole life. He has a backpack full of paper and pens, as well as a cell phone with no plan connection he uses to type out basic messages when communication is not working otherwise. Perhaps due to all the eyestrain, he wears glasses.

The few human friends Ainsley has made in his life have found him friendly and extremely resourceful in a pinch, and not unafraid to bend a few laws if that's what is necessary for the greater good. Those prone to giving people nicknames have called him Lee, but if he prefers it over his given name he has never really said.

Ainsley is artistic and enjoys drawing. He is a semi-realism artist, though when he's just using art to communicate quick ideas, it leans towards an obvious anime influence. Probably because he's a bit of a nerd.

Due to his abilities Ainsley prefers to eat vegan, but has proven if he's hungry enough he'll eat anything.

Description: Ainsley is shorter than the British standard for men at 5'6 and seems to be of average build when dressed, though spending little time socializing (because he can't) has left him with plenty of time for exercise. Having no access to lifting equipment, Ainsley has a runners body because running is free and something you do a lot of when you are poor and avoiding the police.

Having no time or money for haircuts, starting at a young age Ainsley began taking care of his own hair and has cultivated a nice crop of thin braids that curl around themselves, which he sometimes pulls back into a ponytail or pushes back with a hair scarf.

Background: Unlike most mutants, Ainsley was born and bred in Lambeth. When it became the un-official official home to his kind, the roughness of Lambeth was already 'business as usual' for him. Ainsley never knew his parents due to his perceived disability. He lived in fostercare and group homes most of his life, though was released from the system as an adult at the age of 18. Like many like him, he had no where to go and ended up on the streets. He frequently sold his sketches for a pittance to get by.

Ainsley has misplaced one of his few 'human' friends and has come to Maldon looking for her, in hopes that she had tried her luck at a school he had heard about for their kind.

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Re: Ainsley Green

Postby Ashlie Minamida » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:51 am

Mentioned the potential pitfalls in playing a mute character, but as I said, your call to try and make that work.

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Re: Ainsley Green

Postby Hank McCoy » Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:24 pm

The groundskeeper has advised me that he will have words with you should the squirrel population rise precipitously.

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