Upcoming Fey Plot

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Upcoming Fey Plot

Postby Tereza Rozanov » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:07 pm

I'm going to be running the next 'big' plot which will involve the hunt for Vivienne's mother, the Lady of the Lake. It'll be a while before it gets going, but I wanted to put this up here and get an idea of which characters want to be involved so I can get properly prepared and begin pulling the characters in as the plot starts to rev up.

The plot's going to involve magic and a whole lot of fey. The majority of it will take place away from campus, so there'll still be other stuff going on during this plot. If you want your character to be involved, post here or hit me up on Discord. If you have any questions about things before you decide, feel free to ask here or on Discord and I'll do my best to give no-spoiler answers.

Characters directly involved so far or soon to be involved:

Characters involved in an NPC capacity:
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Re: Upcoming Fey Plot

Postby Shari » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:15 pm

Gonna throw Shari in the mix for this one.
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Re: Upcoming Fey Plot

Postby Victor Freud » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:22 pm

I dunno if he could be of use to the plot, but Vic would gladly throw his hat in the ring. He's got some questions. And he can talk eye-to-eye with fairies.

"What do you mean the fae aren't just fairies? That's like the one edge I had in diplomacy."
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Re: Upcoming Fey Plot

Postby Basil Benson » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:19 am

You know what? I'll let you decide by listing my boyeeesss (and a girl), their pros and cons. You can decide what would benefit the team the most.

Ainsley: Will follow Shari blindly because derp, so convincing him to go if Shari is already going will be a cake walk. Can talk so animals but somehow I feel like fey animals speak in English or something, so power might not be so useful.

Basil:Lives up to his codename and it may take an actual wizard twisting his arm to get him come along (or maybe a goddess), but would be the most low key helpful. Has some probably backwards understanding of the fey realm in the same way Trev or any of the other nerds would, is the most diplomatic and silver tongued of my toons, and maybe might turn invisible at the proper moment but no guarantees. Also, Colette isn't going to opening for shenanigans there.

Chisaki: Would have the powerset most resembling magic and most combat ready. Also would be the most annoying prick everytime she saw something magical. If scenario is a volunteer basis and Basil goes, Chisaki comes as the other bookend automatically unless there is a plot device that prevents her following.

Omitted, because she can't go. Because spoilers.
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